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Online Medical Records Storage Process

Cdrive possess unique Online Medical document Software that is supported by all the major browsers extensively used by users worldwide. The advantage of the edms software developed by team of experts gives access to its users from anywhere to manage their contents. The features of this web based Medical Records Storage services enables its users to download their Medical files in a single click in their own desired forms like PDF, EXCEL, ZIP formats, whichever is convenient for the user.

In our Cdrive Medical Records Storage services , it also has an option for users to comment about a specific file, audit files and update its status which enables the superior authority to check the status without looking on to them. Additionally the users can convert the image files into pdf format.

No matter what device you choose, get fast, easy access to the dashboard, files accessing, user access information, backups and userlogs with our responsive web application.

Medical Records Access on Mobile

Cdrive is Complete Online Medical Records Storage Software (Home Page) so Our Team developed it mobile Responsive design for browser.

To Access the Patients Medical records Physicians can access and give access permission from any Android mobile, iOS and Windows Phone anywhere in the World.

Cdrive is Specially designed for Android OS view it’s easy to access in vertical not in Horizontal view the Content it make entire access to all the medical document which scanned and saved by staff.

Physician or Nurse and Healthcare Staff can also fix end-end backup timing from your Mobile phone.

We have you covered with Windows and BlackBerry devices, Our EDMS System is responsive design application that make your business run from any devices on you hands.

Set Permission to Users Choose from 10 different permission types, including “user”

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How CDrive Control Super Admin

When Cdrive Software developed we think and planned about the Access, Share and Security about usages of this Patients Medical Records. After Medical Records scanned by the Scanning department the Medical document records (same Page)are ready to store in our software. At that Healthcare staff who Saving the Patients document can store in different category.

How to Store Medical Records as Per Category?

After edms Software is ready for Healthcare we will create Control Panel to the head of Admin who going to access the System.

From Super Admin they enabled permissions into Category like Neurology, Cardiology records and user roles for it users & sub users so that the set of scanned medical documents can be shared secure with particular users.

Every Category staff is provided with a role while creating access. The user has several different permissions types, by which a role is assigned for access levels.

Every user who logs in to the Storage Software is noted by their IP address to prevent unauthorized access. The Hospital documents should submit audit reports to superadmin and only after admin approval the storage medical records is approved.

How to Generate Reports on Medical Documents

Cdrive is Complete Online medical records management solutions, so Reports also can generate in online. Purchasing dms software everyone should create separate username and Password, using of your ID login in cloud select the month of report you want to download in PDF format.

Physicians can identify when someone third party downloads, uploads and deletes, adds comments, viewed, updated or added about a medical documents.

The Users activity is shown in real time and notification is sent to the superadmin with date, time and status. The Medical records storage reports like Scan Report, Blood Reports, Insurance codes and diagnosis reports can be exported to the desired format PDF, EXCEL, ZIP and can be downloaded anytime either manually or automatically. The databases with files are automatically backed up to the cloud server so that contents, files are not lost.

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