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Cloud EMR Software Features

Manage Content Intuitively Add, view, comment, audit, edit and organise files in a familiar table structure that can be sorted by common search and date picker search. Selected files can be exported to PDF or EXCEL files. Especially Image files that can also be exported to PDF. You can even audit the information of a file up-to-date and current status of it.

Content Management:

• The users can Add, Edit, View, and systematically arrange and audit files that are placed in a table like structure which can be viewed by searching using file name, date and other common searches.
• In our intuitive healthcare management system the users are allowed to export their files in PDF, EXCEL.
• The document management software also allows users to convert their scanned medical records from jpg to pdf format.
• We also have enabled a comment option for superadmin & users to audit and update the status of the health records.

Medical Records Access on Mobile:

Cdrive for iPhone and iPad Get the best content viewing and collaboration experience available today for your iOS device.Cdrive for Android our Cdrive app for Android give users a seamless experience in providing access to all areas.It also has health records software option to download files to your smart phones in the required format.In our document management system for medical records is responsive helping user to access files, dashboard and back up files and information on the cloud.

Cdrive is Mobile responsive EMR software for Medical records also supports windows smart phone devices by which users have all the features available in their desktop browsers. We have designed & developed EHR software for your medical billing companies and organization by implementing your Health Care business using advanced methodology.

Access Files on the go:

  • In our Web Health Records Software for iOS devices provides you a rich experience in accessing no more discontinue at viewing the files.We have created an Android application for Cdrive which delivers seamless experience in managing and accessing all the properties and features available in web application.

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Super Admin Access to Users

In Cdrive development team design our EHR Software in well security to access the medical records files, we split the roles as per usage by name of super admin,users and sub users. Here the super admin provides access to the users. The super admin can control access of users and sub users of Healthcare records. Cdrive also has enabled permissions and user roles for it users & sub users so that the files can be shared privately with particular users.

  • Permissions: The super admin has the authority to provide permissions to all the users which helps in restricting users to work only for a particular application or work.
  • Role: The users are provided with a specific role in the Electronic document management software to assign users for several access levels in the health records.
  • Audit: Our Electronic Medical Records software application consists of a complex security system which has a track record of every users logs, IP address to prevent authorized access and data loss. Any medical record which is deleted accidentally or by any user can be restored back. The audit reports are sent to the super-admin and only after the approval of the authority the record is approved.

Track & Backup Healthcare Records

See Overall activity of users View file and users activity in real time. Notification will show file ID’s that are accessed by users with time, date and current status of the file.Document, User, Page Reports All your files, user activity and total pages of files are calculated for every particular users.

Users can easy track and backup your Medical records document can be exported to PDF, EXCEL, ZIP and can be downloaded anytime either manually or automatically.
User Activity: The provides super-admin to view files and user activity in real time. We have also enabled notification that can be accessed by users with time, date and current status of the file.

  • Every file is backed up to the cloud server and can be restored anytime automatically or manually.
  • Document, User, Page Reports All your files, user activity and total pages of files are calculated for every particular users. This reports can be exported to as pdf/excel content.

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