Who we are

Cdrive is a Web-based secure edms software used to access patient data’s securely from remote places using PC or mobile devices with an Internet connection.Cdrive is Leading Medical records storage in Orlando,Florida. We Involves in Software Development ,Healthcare IT services and Web-based EMR Software and Medical Document Storage Services.The Doctors and hospital staff nurse in The US make easy to process our edms software. Our Cdrive is Open source Medical document software for Health-care established in 2013 it helps business like medical billing companies, healthcare sectors and other organizations to reduce paper records and minimize risks by central medical records storage.

Cdrive Software is to protect your important document medical files and enables you to access them from anywhere at any time in secure .Cdrive Involves in records store services of patient’s scanned medical document like Lab reports, X-ray, Scanned and etc up to 1GB free space in our Web-based Medical Document Management Software for health-care staff and nurse by reducing retention costs and usability of software in maintaining paper records. Cdrive ensures that your data is secured and cannot be accessed by anonymous persons except your physician and other persons involved in managing your data’s. Cdrive is an easy-to use yet effective work-flow management system which enables health-care professionals to store, access, edit & delete data’s accordingly. Cdrive improves your operational efficiency with minimal disruption.

Cdrive is highly efficient dms software for Health-care Industry which helps you to locate your files easily & quickly and also gives you unlimited amount of cloud storage space and back up options so that every document is safe and can be used for future references.

Secure Content Platform

Cdrive transforms the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable corporate information.

What does Cdrive do?

  1. Control access of the users not change any file information.

  2. Browse, Access and Backup all files from ipad, iphone, android and ios

  3. Export your files into pdf/excel.

  4. File Protection: Your files are always our top priority.

We are proud to work with
Cdrive Web Application

Our Web based EMR software and Medical records storage works in any browser.It allows you to easily store and manage all your content online. It also lets you share files instantly and access documents from anywhere.

Simple and Secure Sharing
Control Your Content
Track and Report and Manage


The Cdrive Web Application is built into Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1., Windows 7 or Windows Vista.


The Cdrive Web Application is built to run on your Mac and sync files in your Cdrive storage across all of your devices.


The Cdrive Web Application is already built into the latest version of Windows tablets. Easily view, upload and share files, photos and more.

iOS and Android

The Cdrive Web application supports iOS and Android Tablets and view, upload and share files, photos and more right from doxycycline klebsiella natural alternatives to doxycycline for acne buy doxycycline your iPad.

Windows Phone

The Cdrive Web Application is already built into your Windows Phone, you can easily view photos and documents.

iOS and Android

The Cdrive Web Application supports iOS and Android mobile and view, upload and share files, photos and more.

Services & Products
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